Malibu AS Literacy Suf Camp 2015 was a success!!!

To everyone who participated, thank you for making Voice for Maddie Foundation’s very first Malibu Angelman Syndrome Literacy Surf Camp a success!  We are beyond proud and thankful of everyone’s dedication and active participation at the camp. And we hope that you have come away from the experience with more confidence and better understanding of ways to support and promote literacy and communication.

Our surf day in partnership with THERAsurf was the perfect kickoff to the camp! We witnessedfamilies develop and strengthen connections, our kids frolic in sand and water with the ultimate highlight of cheering on our kids who fearlessly embraced the ocean and braved the waves on surfboards. They were such unforgettable moments for all of us!

The following days entailed a flurry of activities. We learned to breakdown the barrier of fear in starting a communication plan for our young kids, as well as developed various strategies to promote literacy and enhance education efforts both at home and in school for those well on their way.

And we all got busy making books! From creating surf and alphabet books, to searching through Tar Heel Reader and exploring Explain Everything, all the ideas generated and shared amongst us are just the beginning. And we certainly hope that you are encouraged and empowered to make more books and start new conversations with our kids.

We welcome all suggestions and feedbacks so that we can make our  2016 camp better. Thank you!

Successful Workshop!

To all my friends and families who donated funding to make this event possible, we are so grateful.  Also, thank you to all the sponsors who donated food and goodies for this event.  This day was not possible without every single one of your contributions.

To the all the guests who came out, I hope you gained many new information on how to teach and support literacy to your children. We need to consistently learn new ways to teach our children how to communicate. And that literacy is possible!  I hope you met new families and connected with them. We need all the support we can get!  Thank you for the sweet emails and messages you've sent through out the week.  It's very encouraging for me. It is Voice for Maddie Foundation mission to continue to bring educational support for your family and your children.

Erin Sheldon, once again, you are awesome! Thank you for coming out all the way from Canada, even when your own child is sick at home. The sacrifices you make for your community is beyond appreciated. I know that's why you are so loved. You bring so much encouragement to all of us and give us hope to all of our families and a better future for our children.

I thank God for all of you and specially to Voice for Maddie Foundation. God brought me here to serve you. Please continue to be part of Voice for Maddie and support us by spreading the word.

I had a blast and it really was a great day!

With love, Clara

Maddie started school!!!

After days of looking at her IEP and talking to so many friends and district people we are finally in school. We have a great team and I feel good about them and the plan. Only day two and her teacher told me that they want to get AAC with P2G in the classroom so Maddie's classmates can use it too. For themselves and for Maddie. She think other students will benefit from it too. So awesome!

I think I'm going to invite some of the parents to our workshop in May. Excited!!!

Please pray for us that Maddie will have a great rest of the school year and another great plan for 2015-2016 year.

Annoyed and frustrated

Today I had a scheduled Head Start program tour in our district and I waited for 40 mins, while Maddie was in school, and they did not show up. I called them and left a message to have the program director call me to reschedule and I didn't get a call back today. So annoyed.

I have her IEP coming up in a week, I'm running out of time to tour all of the placement before the IEP date. So frustrating.

Seriously, I need a break. But for what ever reason, I feel like I'm not suppose to say that.